Advisory Board Member

Bidya Ranjit

Dr. Bidya Ranjeet is Past President and Advisor of the Nepali Women’s Global Network, and is also the Executive Director of the center for Academic Programs at the University of Connecticut. She has worked at UCONN since 1986, beginning her career as a counselor in both the SSS and Upward Bound programs. Before coming to the University, Bidya was part of the Nepali educational system as a teacher at Vanasthali High School and also as a co-founder and principal of the IndreniSchool. While Bidya specializes in facilitating the enrollment, retention, and degree completion of underrepresented students from post-secondary institutions, she maintains a steadfast commitment to social issues such as diversity and community. Through her volunteer and professional involvement, Bidya works to further the interests of underrepresented groups in her own community and throughout the world. She has been tireless in her advocating and assisting efforts on behalf of women in South Asia and of South Asian heritage through her involvement in Nepali Women’s Global Network and NNRN NCC USA. Bidya’s efforts extend to scholarly contributions as well; she is one of the first Nepali women living in America to shed light on issues confronting women of South Asian heritage including sensitive topics like domestic violence. Her academic work can most recently be found in her contributors to two anthologies, Body Evidence and Living our Religion